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TYH 2015 / 2016 Tournament Schedule

Onalaska / Holmen Tornado Youth Hockey Association



The Onalaska/Holmen Tornado Youth Hockey is proud to present their home tournament schedule for the 2015/2016 Hockey season.


Dates Tournament Schedules / Results Teams Per Team Cost
Jan 2-3, 2016 The Jacob Trannel Memorial Bantam A     $700
Jan 9-10, 2016 Bantam B     $700
Jan 15-17, 2016 (U10,U12,U14 Girls)     $500
Jan 23-24, 2016 PeeWee B     $650
Jan 23-24, 2016 Squirt B     $600
Jan 30–31, 2016 PeeWee C     $650
Jan 30–31, 2016 Squirt C     $600
Feb 13-14, 2016 PeeWee A     $650
Feb 20-21, 2016 Squirt A     $600

These tournaments will feature the following:

  • 15 minute stop, except 12 min. Squirt & U10
  • 3 games guaranteed
  • All tournaments are USA Hockey Sanctioned
  • All teams must be USA Hockey registered

All games will be played at the Onalaska OMNI Center, one of the premier facilities in the Midwest. Two sheets of Ice under one roof!
Onalaska OMNI Center, 255 Riders Club, Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650 

We are a ZERO tolerance association

Please email our Tournament Director, Amy Zimmerman at
Send payment to:

Tornado Youth Hockey
C/O Amy Zimmerman, Tournament Director
N5618 Oak Hills Drive
Onalaska WI, 54650
For Lodging and tourist information, please contact the Center for Commerce and Tourism at 608-781-9570 or 800-873-1901 or


Tornado Hockey Tournament Rules

USA Hockey Official Rules of Play will govern all play except as stated below:

    1. Mites and Squirts, 12 minute stop time.
    2. Pee Wee and Bantam 15 minute stop time.
    3. Each team will permitted one (1) 45-second time out per game.
    1. Mites and Squirts: Minor 1 1⁄2 minutes, Major 3 minutes, Misconduct 6 minutes
    2. All Others: Minor 2 minutes, Major 5 minutes, Misconduct 10 minutes 
    3. Any player receiving 4 penalties in a game will be removed for the remainder of the game. 
    4. A player from the offending player’s team will be required to serve the 4th penalty. A Major penalty or Checking From Behind penalty count as 2 penalties.
    1. Automatic Game Misconduct. Player discharged for remainder of game in which fight or intent to injure occurs , and the next game. 
    2. If a team has 15 penalties in one game, the head coach will be removed for the remainder of that game, and the next.
    1. After the first period, a six (6) goal lead will result in run time.
    2. Clock will stop to record goals, during penalties, and in case of injury. 
    1. We ask that all teams be at the rink and ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled game time. Games may be started early when time permits. Coaches are responsible to review, verify and sign the game rosters and score sheets before each game. 
    1. A four-minute warm-up will be permitted at the beginning of each game.
    2. Ice will be resurfaced between games for mites, squirts, peewees and bantams.
    3. A one-minute period break will be used between periods and a two-minute period break will be used between the 3rd period and overtime if applicable. 
  7. SAFETY:
    1. All players must wear helmets with the HECC approved facemask at all times while on the ice. 
    2. Internal mouth guards are required and must be colored, not clear. 
    1. Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points 
    2. Ties will be allowed to stand in the 2 pool games. If there is a tie in total points, the following criteria will be used to break the tie to determine placement:
      1. Head to Head
      2. Fewest Goals Allowed 
      3. Fewest Penalties minutes 
      4. Most Goals (no team will be credited with more than a 7 goal differential per game) 
      5. Coin Toss
  9. OVERTIMES: (non-pool play)
    1. Five (5) minute sudden death, 4 on 4 with goalies, two minute break 
    2. Three Player Shootout (Only players who haven’t scored in game or overtime are eligible; once all players have shot, regulation game goal scores may participate)
The TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR (or in his/her absence his/her designee) will settle any disputes. The director (or designee) also has the authority to switch to run time, or change ice resurfacing schedules if any tournament gets significantly behind the posted schedule. The Tournament Director can NOT overturn decisions made on the ice by officiating crew during the game.


Tournament News / Announcements

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