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January Board Meeting Minutes

By Gabby Hansen, 02/01/23, 3:15PM CST


1 game related event was reported to WAHA by a parent; please be sure to report anything of concern to TYH Board and TYH Board will report to WAHA to help facilitate communication and response!

Reminder of the 24 hour cool down rule – please take 24 hours before you contact any coach, ref, player, parent, the Board, etc after an issue occurs and be respectful in communication regarding an event.

We need a Mite Coordinator and a Manager Representative next year! Please email the board if interested and you can shadow to learn more.

Girls hockey is taking off! Huge thanks to Andrea Kelm for spearheading so much growth. Look for changes to the program and more opportunities in the future!

Bantam B State Tournament is March 4-5 for STATE – PLEASE be on the lookout for hours available in DIBS and save those dates for additional volunteer hours! Remember every returning family needs 20 hours and new families need 10 hours; we always welcome more as our organization does not run without amazing parents like you!

Fundraising raffle tickets were dispersed; return stubs and money collected to managers by 2/24/23!

There will be some FUN things this summer for TYH with a pool night at Onalaska pool, golf outing fundraiser, and a Golden Gophers outreach program (more information will be coming for all!)

PLEASE remember to treat locker rooms and facilities with respect. If you see anything off please say something! You can email TYH Secretary with these issues and she will report to Omni Center.

If you perceive unequal playing time, please direct questions after 24 hours to your coach, coaching director, director of hockey, and then the board if still needing help!

Thanks all,

Gabby – TYH Secretary 2022-2023