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February Board Meeting Minutes

By Gabby Hansen, 03/01/23, 7:15PM CST


Hello TYH families!

The board is having an extra meeting on Monday March 6, 2023 at 6pm in the Omni Center Board room. The focus of this meeting is to work out details on DIBS, update all job descriptions within our organization, and reflect on/update our board structure as we prepare for elections for the coming year. Our next regular board meeting is Monday March 13, 2023 at 6pm in the Omni Center Board room.

Please join us if you are interested, and also take note of the need below.

We are in dire need of some energized minds who may want to help update or create a long list of documents. It can be as simple as finding something that looks great from another organization and mirroring it to our organization, something you've had in the past or with other sports organizations that you feel went well and would be helpful, or something entirely new. We can give out DIBS hours to those that venture to assist us in these things! As our organization has grown and our board has changed, we have found about 20 items that need updating or creating! If you have any interest in these documents or want more information, please reach out to Gabby at or reply to this email. Some of these will undoubtedly be bigger discussions involving the board however someone to get started and keep them moving would be extremely helpful!


  • Bylaws-need to update and reflect current year program
  • Ice-time policy
  • Coaching non-compliance policy
  • Volunteer hour policy needs to be updated to current year process
  • Volunteer opportunities - would love to have them all listed that we know exist
  • “Simple parent’s guide” for new to hockey families
  • "Overall guide to TYH" for new to hockey and new to TYH families
  • "What to expect" document for all hockey levels
  • Plan for next year re: new skaters and requirements (a document for anyone interested would be good to have online sooner than later)
  • Player’s contract - obtain and get online
  • Manager documents obtain and get online
  • New Tryout plan/structure
  • Traveling team ice time booking policy
  • Timeline Document (what should be done by when generally, what to expect in those items i.e. ice schedule needs we asked for in May, but didn’t have some confirmed til Jan). Also what things do we need to have figured out before the season starts?
  • What roles do we still need or want to get lined up ahead of time/early in season? 
  • Mission Statement - update? Make it official?
  • Local hockey development options
  • Local hockey groups
  • Standard items for every parent meeting
  • Tournament knowledge - need it all in one place for both hosting and registering
  • What organizations and tournaments are good to go to, competitive with TYH